There are many people who offer Past Life Regression sessions throughout the country, and that includes Houston. There are very few people in the entire country with the training and experience required to not only guide you on your own spiritual journey, but also to assist you in processing your experience so that you can get the most out of your Past Life Regression.

Many people are on a Spiritual Journey these days, though it is not uncommon to find that some know they are on a journey, yet they need assistance finding direction, learning more about their talents and abilities and connecting with higher self, spirit guides and others in spirit.

Discover Your Past, Change Your Future

When you schedule your Past Life Regression Houston session, you will be on the path to discovering more about your self and how you can use what you learn to change your future. It is important to understand the various options when it comes to Past Life Regression and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. These two sessions start out the same but there are some major differences. Below we begin our discussion with Past Life Regression.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression HoustonThe Past Life Regression session begins by exploring several happy enjoyable memories from your childhood. This is not about attempting to fix anything, it merely a warm up designed to make it easier to continue to earlier times and other lives as the session progresses.

After exploring several childhood memories we proceed to the time after conception and before your birth as we go back to the time in the womb when you are preparing to come into this world. The womb can be an amazing place to explore. There are many possibilities to explore the integration between the physical body and the soul, and it is even possible to regress back to the time before the soul actually joins with the developing body.

Once the womb experience has been explored, it’s time to go back to one or more Past Lives. It is difficult to know in advance how many lives you will explore on this Journey, however most people are able to explore¬†two or more lifetimes. Exploring the lifetime can be interesting and this exploration provides opportunities for understand, healing and letting go of anything you carried forward from your past life into your current life.

A great deal of the letting go can happen during the review process after the end of the life. It is not uncommon for physical and emotional challenges from the death in a past life to follow a person into their current life. It is important to not only review the lifetime, but also to have an understanding of what happened at the end of the life.

After the review of the last lifetime it is time to emerge from hypnosis. A brief discussion of the session provides you with an opportunity to completely emerge from the state of hypnosis. Additional memories may come to you over the next few days, so be sure to keep an eye on your dreams as well as any additional information to comes to you during the day.

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